Mvc Crud with JqGrid 0.3.0

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Released: Apr 19, 2010
Updated: Apr 29, 2010 by mchood
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Release Notes

Fairly major reworking of the GenericDataGrid (with alot of work from James). Most noticeable is the replacing of Edit and Delete with action buttons and the addition of create new as a navigation button and checkboxes on each row.

There are a couple of breaking changes from the older version, I have included legacy constructors etc to help minimise the upgrade effort. But you will still need to
- Change DataGridRow to DataGridCol
- Change URL strings in contructor from "/x/Edit/?" to "/x/Edit/@0" and the same for delete.
Most of the new functionality will now be disabled, if you want to use it please use the other constructors.

Please see change log for brief description of some of the major changes. I will upload new documentation and more examples when I get a chance, in the mean time ask for help in the discussion section.

Change Log
0.2.3 - 0.3.0
- Added "Create new" button to the navigation bar at the bottom (disabled if you use legacy constructor or give it a blank add url
- Nav button array allows you to add more nav buttons to the grid
- Changed Edit and Delete to action buttons
- First column is now an action button array where you can add your own action buttons, see product grid in example
- Action buttons can accept urls with multiple parameters identified as @0 @1 etc and property passed as a string to parameters
- Action buttons (including edit, delete etc) use a Func<T, bool> check to see if they are shown on a line (see product grid in example)
- Added GridDataFromList as an aternative GridData function, this calls ToList() first so sorting, filtering is possible on code properties that cannot be translated to sql
- DataGridCol accepts sopt as an optional argument for passing in filtering options eg 'ne' 'eq' etc
- Added automatic check boxes to each row, just set the checkbox properties in your constructor
- New very short constructor which defaults add, edit, delete, griddata for use with the generic constructor
- Many other minor changes, please just ask if you have any questions or problems
0.2.2 - 0.2.3
- Made data_row array public in GenericDataGrid so can be set in application.
- On catch not supported excpetion and call db.submitchanges() instead
- Auto put comma at beginning of extra grid info. NOTE THIS MAY BREAK OLD CODE, REMOVE COMMA IF YOU HAVE PUT IT IN
- Added decimalFormat option for float, double and decimal defaulted to N02.
- Removed grid item initialisation in MvcGridRepositoryCrudController Index as it is not needed.
- Added exceptionText dictionary to LinqToSqlRepository. This allows you to easily replace the standard sql error
- Fixed bug with call to primaryKey not "id" on genericGrid
0.2.1 - 0.2.2
- Allowed you to override the Edit and Delete headings and cell generation
- Made most of the default settings properties so they can be changed in the inherited constructor
- Can add extra settings to the generated JS, eg height and width of grid.
0.2.0 - 0.2.1
- Changed scope on a few variables
- Removed passing in of the repository to the grid instead need to set IQueryable<TModel>, this allows for default filtering outside of the grid filters.
- As there is no repository in the grid you now need to pass it the primaryKey and the orderBy as strings.

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